The complementary and alternative medicine has traditionally included practices and products such as acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, massage, herbs and nutritional supplements, naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, aromatherapy, energy therapies, ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and yoga.

We have a firm believe that herbs not only cure but it connect human being back to Mother Nature. Our moto is to bring in the nature‚Äôs healing power to spread a motional acceptance of herbal products like Fruits and vegetable powder manufacturers in India. Not by selling, but, also spreading the knowledge of ayurveda, yoga, meditation & dhyan karmas to the common society. The efficacy of ayurvedic or any other form herbal medicine depends totally on the quality of herbs. The majority of the medicinal and aromatic plants used by the herbal drug industry come from wild collection i.e over 80% of the Indian medicinal plants in trade are from wild collections. Hardly 10% of the raw material comes from cultivated sources.

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