Product NameLemon Oil
Botanical NameCitrus Sinensis / Aurantium
Source  By The Expression Of Rinds Of Citrus  Sinensis
Quality100% Pure And Natural
AppearanceClear Pale Yellow Liquid
Odour  Fresh Sweet- Fruity, Slight Ldehydic   Oily Waxy Base Note
Ref. Index At 25°C  1.472 To 1.474        At 20°C
Opt. Rotation +94° To +99°
Sp. Gravity 25°/25°C  0.842 To 0.846
Main Consts  D-Limonene 80-90% Aldehyde 0.8 –    2.5%
Solubility  Poor In Propylene Glycol   (About 0.5%)
Numerical  Moellhausen Code No.:250650; CAS:8028-48-6;
References FEMA:2825; EINECS:232-433-8; Coe Ref.:143;
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